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Fire Department

Fire Chief:      Shane Bugg -
Asst. Chief:     Dale Ross
Firefighters:   Dominic (Joe) Venturato Jr.
                         Louis Bailey
                         Mike A. Beek
                         Rob Harbaum
                         Norm Geiger
                         Christopher Seymour
                         Christopher Woodruff

2011 - new Tanker Truck

Help Prevent Wildfires ~ In June of 2008, the Burt Township Fire Department responded to 2 fires that could have resulted in loss of life, property, and wildlife habitats - a vehicle fire in the school forest and a wild fire near the Superior Dunes development. While neither were the result of improper burning ~ Do Your part, Help Prevent Wildfires by getting a burn permit.

Get your burn permit online:

Who Needs a Burn Permit, Who Does Not

Burn permits are issued only for:

    • Limbs
    • Brush
    • Stumps
    • Evergreen needles
    • Leaves
    • Grass
    • Ongoing burns for construction and land clearing, roadway maintenance, and uncertified party's performing prescribed burns without a written plan require a burn permit issued by the local DNR Fire Manager.

Burn permits are NOT required:

    • Cooking or recreational campfires
    • Anytime there is continuous snow cover adjacent to your fire

Items that can never be burned due to air quality regulations:

    • Demolition debris
    • Construction materials
    • Automotive parts

Local regulations vary, please check before lighting your fire.

No burn permits issued within 1400 feet of a city or village due to Department of Environmental Quality air quality rules.


 Burt Township Fire Department
Fee Structure effective July 18, 2009

Grass $150 plus personnel hours
Rubbish $150 plus personnel hours
Forest $250 plus personnel hours
Automobile, RV or Camper $450
Truck $250 per axle
Aircraft $950
Train $950
Boat $950
Residential Structure $550
Multi-Family Structure $550 plus $250 per additional unit
Hotel, Motel or Church $650
Commercial Building $750
Industrial, Manufacturing or School Building $950
Emergency Rescue Extrication

$450 (Vehicular - per vehicle)

Water Sled Rescue $150 plus personnel hours
HazMat Incidents $450 plus incurred expenses
Other Services not Specifically Enumerated $150 plus personnel hours
Pumper Truck including 2 men$150.00 per hour
Tanker Truck including 2 men$150.00 per hour
Personnel Hours$25.00 per man per hour